Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming Soon !!!

Ok, so, I'm now in Holland!! Wooot!! Holland, Michigan, of course :)

There's a new store in town and it's a really cool concept! The store is full of little mini-shops, different than the other consignment shops I've seen - - see ?? - -

That's the view from the front door, here's the view from the cash register -

And here's my little mini shop, at the back of the store!!

And here's the view from in front of my mini shop -

The store is called "Check 4 Fun" and it's on Washington street, just south of 36th, right before Wendy's - or 897 S. Washington suite 50. The owners are great people to work with and are excited to bring this really cool concept to Holland! They'll be opening November 1st and are looking for more crafters to fill up the cubes - but you better hurry before all the spots are filled! Here's their email so you can find out more info:


Oh! I almost forgot! They have a classroom in the back! I am seriously considering teaching some classes - I'm just not sure what yet. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line and I'll see what I can come up with!


Catherine said...

I really like how clean the presentation is...like you can just find your own little treasure tucked away.

One Creative Queen said...

How did this wind up working for you? There's nothing similar to this in Denver - and I'd love to look into opening a similar store. How were sales?

Michele said...

Actually not so good :/ The store closed within the first year. However, it's hard to say why. After getting to know the owners, it could have been because of some bad choices or possibly location. They weren't in the busiest part of town. I have a feeling that this could have worked in a nicer part of town with more traffic.