Friday, November 20, 2009

Samples for Acquinas College

Hi Acquinas College People! Here are samples of what I'll be bringing to the craft show at the Carriage House.

Fleece Scarves for $5

Flat Glass Marble Magnets - 75cents and $1

Cell Phone holders made from the sleeves of recycled sweaters for $8

Recycled Baskets decorated with recycled sweaters and trim $8 - $25

Thanks for the consideration and I hope to hear from you soon!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

OK, I think I'm on a roll....

Maybe there really IS always a silver lining. :)

My 2 day low grade fever forced me to stop. I had places to go from Monday night through today-

Monday night - Supper with Matthew

Tuesday morning - West Michigan Prayer Center Meeting
Tuesday afternoon - Lunch with the girls from the Tuesday morning meeting
Tuesday evening - attempt to make some things for the craft show Saturday
Wednesday - Kaden Day!!

Wednesday evening - trip to Holland with my best friend
Thursday - work at the office
Thursday night - Supper with Matthew (rescheduled from Monday)


So, while I've been limply laying in my bed, I've had time to think. I realized this is running from one thing to another with never enough time to really do anything just craziness and I have to come up with a plan. I can't just run around like a crazy woman. I need to be a crazy woman with a schedule and a plan :)

I thought about the things I want to do, and the things I need to do and thought about how I could fit the two together. I realized there were scheduled things that I had no choice in, like the Tuesday morning meeting, and other things that I plain need to find time to do like make things for craft shows. So I thought of which days are already full, which ones aren't, what days would be best for what. I opened an excel spreadsheet and made myself a chart and filled it in! Woot! I even scheduled free time :)

Now, I know that actually implementing this will be the hard part but it's kinda cool to have a plan and a tool. It will take time to find out if this is the right tool for the job and if I can learn how to handle the tool.

I printed out a copy - on lavender paper :) - and tacked it to the wall :D
And all because I got a chance to stop and think :D

Oh - and I've decided that I'm going to add a picture of something I've created to each post. Here's the one for this post:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Inattentive ADD surfaces yet again...

I'm feeling like such a schmuck right now. I borrowed a key to the nail file office from the other office worker for the weekend so I could show my family the warehouse sale stuff on Sunday. The agreement was I would put the key in a hiding place when we were done so the other office person could open the door at 9 when she came in to work. Well, we ended up not going to the warehouse yesterday and I totally forgot about returning the key. So I got a call from the OWNER this morning, asking me where I put the key.



So, another behavior modification to put in place. Next time (although I don't think I'll do this again any time soon) I'll make a calendar entry in my phone that will make an alarm sound that says "Return key". My cell phone is becoming a good tool to use for remembering things and keeping information organized and in a place I can refer to. I almost always have my phone with me so it's cool that it has a calendar, an alarm and a notepad.

ADD is a challenge but isn't crippling. I just have to find different ways of doing things. It's just a bummer when it's effects cause negative consequences for others. ADD is not an excuse, but it's an explanation. I just have to continue to work at managing it.

Behavior modification is such a big key to Inattentive ADD. So is acknowledging the truth. The truth is, my brain just works differently! So, if I acknowledge this and not lie to myself, things are much more manageable. For instance, it is a lie to think that I will remember where I took my shoes off when I want to put them back on - so I have to put a behavior modification in place and tell myself that I must NOT take my shoes off until I get to the established shoe place!! Speaking truth to myself has really helped with things like this - until I come across something that I haven't acknowledged yet - like what happens if for some reason I don't go to the warehouse so the trigger isn't there that will tell me I have to leave the key so the door can be opened in the morning.

So, I'm 48 and still learning :) I'm glad I still have the capacity to learn!