Monday, December 24, 2012

A Crafty Christmas - Craftinator Style!!

It's been too LONG!!  So Sorry!!

Over a year since my last post??  F'reals??

Hopefully that will change :)

Well, Christmas = CRAFTING FRENZY at the House of Craftinator!!  I have to show you and tell you about one of my funnest projects!  My grandson, Kaden (must show a picture, of course) ....

has wanted a 'Dream Lite' ladybug forEVER so I was shopping around for one and was at Michaels with my coupons in hand :)  I found Dream Lites but there was no lady bug.  Only puppydogs and unicorns.  Boo.  They were ...  $27 I think so I kept it in mind but thought maybe I should look at a different store.  I wandered around Michaels looking for other things on my list and found a display of Discovery Kids Toys.  And what do I find???  A Firefly!!  And it's RED!!

AND IT'S ON SALE!!!  So, my brain-gears start turning...  This sure does look enough like a ladybug that I'm sure I can MAKE it be a ladybug!!  I wonder if anyone could see smoke coming out of my ears.  Ha.

Well, then I look at the price.  Oh. Mah.  Goo'ness.  It is originally THIRTY DOLLARS.  Yikes.  BUT IT'S ON SALE!!  For $9.99!!!  No Way!  Woot!  heehee.  And what was it I mentioned earlier??  Oh yes - COUPONS!!  I had a 50% off coupon AAANND a coupon for 20% off my total purchase!!  This is a Crafter's Nirvana Friendinators!!   What.  A.  Score.

Craftinator wins!!  


So, then the creative process begins...  What to do, How to do it...  I should have taken pics of the first few prototypes but that would have taken time and would have broken my concentration!  After I took off the weird looking little legs and wings, I found a black chenille sweater in my sweater stash and got out my Sharpie Markers (LOVE my Sharpies) and....



Heehee.  Giggle.  Snort!!  I can't wait to see him open it!!

OK - BONUS PICTURE TIME!  Here are two other Christmas Crafts I made for my boys!  

I asked Kaden - OK, I make Owls and Dragons and Mice -- If I were going to make an animal for you, what would you like?  Kaden's answer....

A robot....  Hahaha!   That kid is so cool.

And for my newest grandbaby, Liam...

A Monkey!!!

And, what does the Craftinator's Couch look like after such a frenzy???  (I usually don't show such pictures but even I was fascinated LOL)

And this was not staged, people.  I walked into the living room and this is what I saw.  LOL

So, here's wishing a wonderful Holiday Season to you all!  Go hug your family and friends and eat cookies!!!  :)