Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Listing my first pastel drawing in my SecondSite Etsy shop has been an introspective experience. For me, fine art is a bit more personal than the crafty things I create. This is becoming even more evident now that I'm pursuing my freelance artist/crafter career. I'm still pondering most of it and am reflecting alot on my creative heritage. The most evident source is my father. Here he is with my mom at a mid 60's "Pool Party" which were all the rage back then (hence the squinting):

There are other sources that I have found out about - Like my Great Grandfather whose job was at a "Bump Shop", getting dents out of vehicles but he also did "Bump Art", for lack of a better term. He would bump art into the side of vehicles, making a picture almost like a reverse embossing then paint it. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any pictures of his work.

OK, back to reflecting - one of the things my dad and I did in our adult years, on a regular basis, was draw together. One of us would start drawing a picture then hand it to the other person who would add something to the drawing. This would go on, back and forth, until the drawing seemed complete. Here is one of the better results:

I have stacks and stacks of my dad's work but I don't believe he would want any of it on the internet and, although I would love to share his art, I choose not to. He wanted to keep his work his own. That may be why there is an emotional twinge for me to be selling my art - not that it's a good or bad thing - it's just different. So, here is my first listing of my drawings:

Dad passed away in August. I want to share the legacy that has been passed down to me and keep it alive. I have something worth sharing and hopefully my contributions will add to the goodness in the world.
.On a lighter note, I kept some of my dad's infamous hats and we take turns wearing them:

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