Thursday, August 4, 2011

Priority Lists....P'shaw....

Sometimes you can make all the lists you want, sometimes the list is made for you...

I was going to do it!  Really I was!  "I'm going to fix the steps and sidewalk 'Some time this Summer'"

  "Sometime this Summer" was decided for me when I got a note in the mail - - 

"Dear Person who lives in this really old house (Ok, I'm using my own words ... but...),

Your sidewalk and the steps to your house are ugly and I don't want to walk on them any more, they make me sad."

Nahhhh... not really LOL  Actually, it was more like this -

"Your steps and sidewalk are a hazard and are dangerous to my job.  Please fix them within two weeks or I will be unable to deliver your mail.  Signed, your Postal Carrier"

Reasonable.  And he was right.  ***Sigh***  I kinda wanted to find him and say - I was gonna do it, really I was!  Sometime this Summer!  F'reals!  But I decided I needed to find my validation in other places besides the wandering letter bearer so I left him alone.  I'm sure he would thank me.

So, I'm pretty sure I got the note about 1 week and 5 days ago :)  Last night was cement repair night!  Woot!  I've decided that I'm going to step things up and, if I do a repair, make it fun and my own!  Well, at least as much as reasonably possible considering time and money constraints.  I decided not to embellish the steps since I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to be too decorative with something that needed to be sturdy and safe so there are no pictures of the repaired steps - they would just be boring :)

But - here are the patches in the sidewalk!!!

Cool, huh???  I'm pretty pleased.  I wanted to do more on the big spot but I bought quick drying cement....'nuff said....

I have had these scrap pieces of stained glass hanging around my garage for at least 5 years!!  I couldn't figure out what to do with them but I knew someday they'd come in handy :)

So, I get to cross this off my "Some time this Summer" List!  Woot!

If you have a "Some time this Summer" List, there's not much Summer left ya know :)

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