Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ehhhh.....Watcha Gonna Do....

So, 'funny' story.

I had the privilege of being asked to do Cynthia's wedding cake! She calls me "Aunt Michele" and so do her 2 sisters :) Cynthia is the last of the 3 to get married and I made wedding cakes for all 3! How cool is that?? The wedding was yesterday.

So, Christmas day was baking day. Cynthia wanted champagne cake - oh, my word, it is now one of my new wedding cake flavors. It is just totally yummy! Christmas evening was to be frosting making time. As I went to wash the beaters in preparation, I could only find

one beater......

You would think a seasoned cake decorator would have a backup mixer but noooooooo! I called my friend, who I knew was at a friend's house, and asked if they might have a mixer I could borrow.


BUT - my friend said - don't worry, I'll handle it, I'll see you in a bit. Sure enough, she showed up and was able to find a pharmacy open that had one lone mixer left on the shelf! Yay! We opened it up, plugged it in and.......


It didn't work.


So, an adventure ensued. She left to go to another pharmacy in the same chain, so she could return the one she had and get another. We decided to hop on our laptops and cell phones to try to find something open, in the area, at 6pm on CHRISTMAS DAY where we might find a mixer!!! Well, she found one, made them plug it in before she bought it and brought it to me.

Aaaalrighty then - back on track for wedding cake production. I started making frosting and...

can you guess..... ??



Well, I was done. I decided to go to bed early, wake up at 5 and be in the Meijer parking lot to buy a mixer. So, that's what I did. I was in the parking lot at 5:40 so I listened to music and relaxed and kept an eagle eye on the door so I could get in ASAP. Sure enough, there was no unlocking the doors until the big hand hit the 12!

I went in and found the mixers. After drooling over the Kitchen Aid stand mixers for just a moment, I moved my way down to the hand mixers. While silently thanking my mom for the gift card, I found a heavy duty mixer - stainless steel, 16 speeds with digital readout for $30 !


I brought home my new toy and was in 'Go Mode' knowing I had just a few short hours before the wedding. Luckily, I had helpers that were willing to do whatever I asked of them


I flew out the door at 11:20 which was going to be cutting my set up time pretty short - the wedding was at 2! I still had to go to JoAnn's to possibly find some fabric for under the cake stand. Luckily I found some and it was half off!!

I arrived at the church around 12:45 and fervently started setting up. Shortly before 2, I was still working on the cake when everyone went upstairs for the wedding. I could hear the piano playing and then the muffled tones of the pastor. I finally finished and while I was taking pictures of the finished cake, I heard the applause being given after the first kiss! Moments later, the newly married couple breezed into the reception hall to find everything in perfect order!


And here is what they found!


Mark & Suzanne Vainner said...

Oh WOW That is stunning...way to handle the chaos too :)

Delainie said...

You amaze me! Great job!

Audrey said...

WOW!! That cake is amazing!!
I'm convoing you about your shop!