Monday, June 15, 2009

Why not Cake Decorating??

My Etsy Teammate, Karin mentioned that she thinks my cakes are my most impressive crafty skill. Aw, Garsh, Thanks Karin!!! heehee

So, I thought I'd explain the reasons for focusing on my pastel and color pencil drawings instead of cake decorating.

- Health code regulations say a second kitchen, away from the family kitchen, is required- The cost of turning a room in the house into a second kitchen is unfathomable - and how is it making money if I have to put out 20 grand or more at the very beginning of the venture?

- Clean up is a drag LOL. I would want to hire an assistant to do all the icky non-creative stuff. Once again, quite a cut into profits :)

- As to getting a job at a cake decorating place -- I tried working at Family Fare as a cake decorator. Talk about a creativity squasher...

- As to getting a cake decorating job at a place where they do 'real' cakes - I am sure they would set a work schedule that I'd need to adhere to. I'm working hard at getting this freelance thing to work because I LOVE the flexibility of setting my own schedule.

Since my dad died, I've been going 'home' quite a bit to not only visit with my whole family but also to help my Mom and sister continue to sort through 50 years of stuff and help care for my Gram who is now staying with Mom. Last time I went over there for a week, I packed my van with tons of crafty stuff and worked on lots of things while I was there. And (this was pretty cool) during the week I was there, my cousin and her 'beau' decided, on the spur of the moment, to go to the courthouse and get married! Because I was in town and not working during the day, I got to be at the 1pm wedding and got out to eat with them after!
Although I'm struggling financially right now, this will be worth it. Things are already happening in a good direction. I am making contacts that have some promising posibilities - more promising than previous ventures. I really really love drawing pictures to music and am looking forward to seeing where this goes.
Maybe some day I'll be rich and famous and I'll make me a second kitchen with my spare change :) Until then, I make cakes for friends and family, for our mutual enjoyment.

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Karin Schueller said...

I love that you are doing what you love... not what is necessarily the 'easiest'. :) And I totally understand the reasons about the cake decorating... I just wanted you to know that I think that is a great talent you have! ;)