Monday, February 4, 2008

Bang the Drum! Sound the horns!!!

I'm havin' a sale!!!

It's my first one! Woot!!

30% off all my valentines day stuff! Take a look at my site!

Ok, I want to write more but it's 11 PM and I really gotta get some sleep.

I think we're at the end of the whole basement pipe/burst/flood/clogged drain/can't wash clothes phase and will finally be able to go forward with other more better things like crafting!!

Once my craft room is together (pics will be posted when it's done), I have a BUNCH of products lined up! There's CD binders, Checkbook covers, small storage boxes, more scarves, and a custom order Puff-Me-Knot - large - to be used as a baby toy!!

May I say once again - - WOOT!!

OK, gotta scoot off to find my pillow!!! (it's purple, just to let you know :) heehee )

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